On Saturday, (19th of September) myself, James and my Dad drove up to Mansfield. It took a good 6 hours. Once we arrived at the Mansfield Country Resort, we unpacked and drove into town to get some food.

Sunday was rather uneventful seems as we just stayed at the resort, but we did play some mini golf which was good.


Monday, Dad and I went for a drive up to Stringybark creek and Benalla (James had too much homework to do so he couldn’t come) At Stringybark Creek, we saw the Kelly Tree and the site where the Kelly Gang had a shoot out with the police.

Kelly Tree.mekelly Tree armour

In Benalla we went to a museum on mainly the Kelly Family History, but it had a room dedicated to Sir Weary Dunlop and to the clothing of back then. It was really informative and interesting. It was funded by the general public’s donations towards the idea.

Brofist NedManiquins

On Wednesday, We went to the Mansfield Zoo, which has 2 of the 101 white lions left. White lions are so much bigger than normal lions! We saw a variety of animals including Dingos, monkeys, Deer and an alligator. Most of the animals were farm animals, there were lots of ducks and emus and llamas. There were also camels and a Bison.

White lionGator

After we visited the zoo, we went for a drive to Powers Lookout. Harry Powers was an Australian bushranger whos hiding place was in a cave in the mountains, over looking a valley. It was a great view and you can see why he chose that spot to lookout from!

Powers lookoutIMG_2180

On Thursday we made the long journey home. I reccomend going to Mansfield for a holiday or even go through it if you want to go site seeing.

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