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We arrived in Nanjing in the early hours on Sunday morning and got here safely; although really humid. Tuesday was the first time I had seen blue sky since arriving here. We have been to the youth Olympics twice. The first time was to watch the fencing; one of the Camberwell students was competing, so we watched him. Yesterday we watch the hockey. The first match we watched was the girls, Argentina vs Netherlands and the second was Australia vs Spain. The second match was really intense, not only the players were competing, but the crowd was too. We were trying to out-cheer the Spain supporters with “Aussie Aussie Aussie, OI OI OI!”
We had our first Chinese class on Tuesday. It was interesting and we all learnt a lot. On Sunday afternoon, we had a welcome ceremony to attend and after that was over we got to meet our buddies. They are all really nice and most of us have been asked to cook them western food when we go to their homes on Sunday. So far china has been full on and we all love it, I think.
~ Sarah C Hawkesdale P-12 College

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  1. Were there many at the youth olympics, Sarah? What was the atmosphere like? If you are to cook them Western food, what would you cook? Do you like Chinese food? Hope you will keep writing posts for us and letting us know how things are going and what you are experiencing.

  2. HI Sarah, great to have a little chat today. Glad that you figured the camera problem out. I nearly had a cow when I saw that I had left the charger in my pencil case. :/ Raining here and I cant wait for my day off tomorrow. I need to work on some images for an exhibition in Melbourne.
    Hope you are having a great time and are not too homesick.
    I will comment again soon. DR

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