China so far…

Hi everyone (or whoever bothers to check what’s going on)
We arrived in Nanjing in the early hours on sunday morning and got here safely. It is really humid here and you cant see any blue sky because of the pollution clouds covering it. My iPod had stuffed up the other day and I also had no communication to home.Today (day 5) was the first time I have Seen blue sky since arriving here. We have been to the youth Olympics twice. The first time was to watch the fencing, one of the camberwell students was competing, so we watched him. And today we watch the hockey. The first match we watched was the girls, Argentina vs Netherlands an the second was Australia vs Spain. The second match was really intense, not only the players were competing, but the crowd was too. We were trying to out-cheer the Spain supporters with “Aussie aussie Aussie, OI OI OI!” I got back to my dorm and there was 3 missed calls from dad, so Rachael (a friend) lent me here phone to text dad and then dad rung. It seems as though i cant ring him, but he can ring me. the food here is very different and the beds are really hard. I shall post again next week sometime.

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