Link up with Malaysia.

Last week on Tuesday (9th) we had a skype video conference with the year 11 students in Kuala Lumpur, thats in Malaysia. There were alot more boys than girls in their class. We were writing on Blackboard Collaborate virtual classroom. Mrs Murch was posting questions ion which we had to answer by either the chat, or writing it on the Blackboard Collaborate “Whiteboard”. Hopefully, we can have another skype call soon.

> I learnt that they didn’t know who were boys or girls.

> They only have school until year 11.

> Most of them buy their food from the canteen.

I found it hard to read their Malaysian names!

I would like to have more conferences with them because it is fun and easy. I think that next time we should show art work of science work.

The first picture shows the whiteboard when mrs Murch asked What is your favourite part of school. The second one is when she asked “Do you play any sport?”



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