Mount Eccles, Lake Condah and Tyrendarra

On Friday the 18th of October years 7 and 8 went to Budj Bim, that is the Gunditjmara name for Mount Eccles, Lake Condah and Tyrendarra. At mount Eccles we saw Lake Surprise and the cave. The cave was very dark but it got easier to see after a while. At Condah we went and saw the mission, there were rocks everywhere. We learnt a law about the “Half Casts”. We walked through this bush land at Tyrendarra. We tried some water turnip. I didnt like it. Eileen tought some of the kids how to weave with reeds from the bushland. In ICT we made a collage, this is mine. Up the top middle and left is the mission and top right is a picture of the sky and some land. In the middle is the Mount Eccles shelter area. The bottom left is Lake Surprise and bottom middle and left is Tyrendarra.

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