Apollo Bay Camp

1. Three things I liked most at the camp: I liked playing twister, playing the game of cricket and the salad on the BBQ night.
2. One thing that would make it better: If the weather was better or they didnt throw out twister :'(
3. What I learnt (one thing!): I can’t tell where a ocean rip is.

Apollo Bay would have been a good camp if the weather was nicer. Our bus broke down in Apollo Bay’s driveway so no-one could go surfing. We had to walk everywhere. We were given 5$ the first night to get tea. We could team up and buy our food or go it alone. The second night we went surfing, but it turns out we went straight into a rip. After that we went back to the hostel and had a BBQ tea. The potato salad was the best. on the way back we visited the Twelve apostles, Lock ard Gorge and London Bridge.

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