Interviews with Apollo Bay year 8s

Sarah: Hello this is Sarah reporting for abc news, today we will be interviewing Morgan. Do you live on a farm? Do you have any animals?
Morgan: I have a horse named Snort, Standard breed cross arab. 15.2 hand in height. I have had him for 11 months.
Sarah: What was you childhood like from when you were 3-12. What is your best and worst memory?
Morgan:Well it was pretty good i suppose you could say that. The best memory would probably be when we left apollo bay to work in a cattle station, the worst would probably be leaving the cattle station.
Sarah: What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
Morgan: I like riding my horse because i enjoy training him and getting to see him become better.
Sarah: Anything else?
Morgan: No not really.
Sarah: Do you have any siblings?
Morgan: Oh god, I have a 10 year old brother that is extremely annoying.
Sarah: What is your favourite moment of the year? Why did you like it?
Morgan: It would be getting snort because he is my first actual horse that im schooling.
Sarah: What is your favourite holiday of the year? Why?
Morgan: Christmas because the family comes down and I get to see people I dont get to see throughout the year.
Sarah: Last question, what is your lifes ambition?
Morgan: To become a police officer or become a youth worker because i like helping other people.
Sarah: Thank you.

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