Today 28/2/2011

As I am posting this, we have ICT at school, it is my second favourite subject. Art is my favourite and it is really fun because we get to draw self portraits.




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  1. Hi Sarah,
    Art is so much fun. I think it is interesting that you like to draw self portraits. I would have a really hard time doing that. Mostly I like to doodle. Do you think doodling is art?

  2. Oh I love art class and art in general! It’s soooo fun! The only time I ever like to draw self portraits is if we are allowed to do it in any style. I can’t do anything realistically, and the only style I like to draw in is manga. What is your kind of drawing style? Oh, and my name is Sarah also.

  3. I love drawing cartoons and comics, I love art mainly because all the famous artist inspire me. Other subjects that i like are Chinese, Music and VISCOM. What other subjects do you like? Do you Have any pets?


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